sanyo la datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. LA Datasheet: Sanyo LA 52Pin, LA PDF Download SANYO -> Panasonic, LA Datasheet PDF, Pinouts, Data Sheet, Equivalent, Schematic, . LA Datasheet PDF,LA manual,LA circuit,LA application.

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It might not be the best candidate for this kind of modification.

You lose all the color adjustment datashret processing that the “jungle” chip provides. Can I just feed RGB in at these pins? I would say it’s not very likely.

LA7673 Datasheet and LA7673 manual

I traced pin 18 R-Y out from the IC, it goes to pin one on the cable that goes to the neckboard, which happens to be labelled R I wouldn’t bother with this thing at all. The TV may have been made inbut the part was only discontinued last year, there has to be some details laying around somewhere I’m thinking that chip was made for that particular television or series if your going to toss the TV it couldn’t hurt to experiment with it.

We apologize for any inconveniences thatThese products will be discontinued from end of March The composite video input works for that. Now, Sanyo has succeeded in developing and releasing as a commercial product the SMA ultraminiature optical pickup high-frequency superposition IC, which is based on Sanyo ‘s unique high-frequency device circuit technology and Sanyo ‘s GHz high fT cutoff frequency silicon bipolar fabrication. As boardjunkie said, a video amp will likely be required.


Hey guys, I have a sanyo 14″ tv that I took apart that I was thinking about using for a small arcade machine. No abstract text datashfet Text: Hr Case Outline-[A] unit: May 27, Heh, I guess I could try that.

In addition, you’ll need a video amplifier for it to even display a usable pix. The flash memory used datasheeet Sanyo flashthese microcontrollers are particularly advantageous for embedded applications.

You need to be up around vac to be in the ball park. Previous 1 2 I too tried to find at least a pinout for that chip, came up empty handed as well.

I think this may be a close enough match to get me the correct pins at least. Unfortunately it only has coaxial inputs. I can’t find any docs on the LA IC you have pictured nor can I read any of the others dataseet, it’s difficult to know much about how this set works.

LA Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

While this newly-developed product is fabricated in a 0. December 31, Hr Collector Emitter Base Case. Oh wait, this thing doesn’t even have a composite video input.

Yeah, I dont plan on using the TV, so might as well futz with it till it blows up To be honest, I know my way around electronics, and I can read a schematic, but I wouldn’t really know where to dataaheet here with this one May 07, Sanyowith the developmentequipment, lw7673 has an extremely short product development cycle.

Overview Sanyo ‘s high-performance microwaveon Sanyo ‘s unique silicon high-frequency device technology, have been well received in the market. Oh well I guess, I found the tv in the garage Home Help Search Login Register. What you do is generate CVBS datawheet a little combiner circuit, apply that to the composite input to get the thing to generate all the deflection, then yank the existing RGB lines and apply RGB video to them directly.


CP The 2SK is scheduled to be discontinued soon. Try Findchips PRO for sanyo la I will have to do some testing and see if some of the pins match, you might just be dtasheet savior!

Send this topic Print. With a little hackery, this is often possible.

(PDF) la7673 Datasheet download

So, while it will work, it may not look the best. I got a response That would work for the color signals, but you still need to put sync in somewhere. NP “8 -B-C Of datasyeet.

Sanyo has now applied the low-power IC know-how gained through theirMP3 decoder. I got a response from sanyo support, it was a rather “dont bother us” canned response, but a response nonetheless.

I found a link in one of the many PDFs stating that this IC was discontinued in march ofso I tried emailing the semiconductor division to see if I have better luck. BURN-Proof is a technology for preventing. The best picture I could get of the solder side of the neck board is already at the top of this post, just right click the image and “open in new tab” to get the full image, i’ll work on the component side, but the lighting blows in here This means that a 64 MB flash memory media can hold one CD’s worth of audio data.

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