Product description. This app on Lal Ded has been constructed by the process of restructuring Buy Lal Vakhs: Read Apps & Games Reviews – Listen to Arti Kaul Lal Vakh MP3 song. Lal Vakh song from the album Yaar Lokchaar By Arti Tiku Kaul is released on Jan The duration of song is Lalleshwari () was a mystic of the Kashmiri Shaivite was a creator of the mystic poetry called vatsun or Vakhs, literally “speech”. Known.

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For example, there are contemporary renditions of Lal Ded’s poetry in song. Sir George Grierson and Lionel D. By using lak site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

It is said that Lal Vakhs were not written down during her time.


Religious identities in the region have become harder lzl more sharp-edged, following a substantial exodus of the Hindu minority during the early s, and a gradual effort to replace Kashmir’s unique and syncretically nuanced tradition of Islam with a more Arabocentric global template.

While the above translation uses the hindu terms in the translation that are actually there in the original, Lal Ded has since been appropriated by later day Islamic culture and analysed from Sufi prism. She is considered to be the creator of the Kashmiri mystic poems or Fakh or Vakhs; which inspired many sufis in Kashmir.

She left home at the age of 24 to take Sannyasa renunciation and become a disciple of the Shaivite guruSiddha Srikantha Sed Bayuwhom she ultimately surpassed in spiritual attainments. Although lot of collective effort has gone into procurement of material, analysis, interpretation, presentation, music etc.

Retrieved from ” https: From her vakhs, it is thought that she was educated in the early part of her life at her father’s house. She was born in AD in Pandetheran to a Kashmiri pandit family. For some she is a Yogini, for some she is a sufi, for some she is a devotee of Shiva, some consider her as an avatar; but all consider as a wisest Kashmiri woman.


Lal Ded’s Vakhs

Your browser does not support iframes. As author and poet Ranjit Hoskote writes:. Whatever work I’ve done, whatever I have though, was praise with my body and praise hidden inside my head.

Lal vakkh are not just about praising Lord, but at the same time they are rebellion against the tradition which oppresses the poor soul. Warikoo 1 January She was married at the age of 12, but being unhappy she left the married life at the age of 24 to vahk Sanyasa. The importance of Lal daed’s role in Kashmirism is that her name and vakhs evoke deep resonances in the human mind providing spiritual solace.

It is a small effort and there is lot to explore. Exact lao date of Lalla is unknown but it is said she might have lived till AD. In addition, a solo play in English, Hindi, and Kashmiri titled Lal Ded based on her life has been performed by actress Mita Vashisht across India since The Hindu7 November Barnett organized a gathering of learned pandits and these wise sayings were properly interpreted and compiled.

What this points to is the non-sectarian nature of Lal Ded’s spiritual life and her song-poems. We are now Mobile.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The great Kashmiri saint-poetess. Cultural Heritage of Jammu And Kashmir. Her poetry gave a new meaning to Kashmiri Literature as Lal Vakh forms the foundation of the same because most of the saints and sages of Kashmir before Lal Daed had their work in Sanskrit. Whatever work I did became worship of the Lord; Whatever word I uttered became a prayer; Whatever this body of mine experienced became the sadhana of Saiva Tantra illumining my path to Parmasiva.


But with the passage of time these verses also got mixed up. She is an example of the Kashmiri society which provided liberal education to the women in those days. Kashmir As It Is. Word of Lalla the Prophetess.

It is true that Lal Ded was constructed differently by each community, but she was simultaneously Lallesvari or Lalla Yogini to the Hindus and Lal’arifa to the Muslims; today unfortunately, these descriptions are increasingly being promoted at the expense of one another.

Murphy calls her the “chief exponent of devotional or emotion-oriented Triadism”. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 23 Octoberat For most of that period, she has successfully eluded the proprietorial claims of religious monopolists.

Lal Ded and her mystic musings continue to have a deep impact on the psyche of Kashmiris, and the National Seminar on her held at New Delhi led to the release of the book Remembering Lal Ded in Modern Times.

Every Kashmiri has some of her sayings Lal Vakh on the tip of their tongue. Since the s, however, Kashmir’s confluential culture has frayed thin under the pressure of a prolonged conflict to which transnational terrorism, State repression and local militancy have all contributed.

One of the folk lore says that Nund Rishi refused to be breast fed by his mother, and it was Lal Daed who breast fed him. Yet, her life and work have been used for various religious and political agendas over time.

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