Implementación de la ley forestal y de fauna silvestre caso de Ucayali en período / Lissette Canseco Puelles.() /SD P4 C Currently the Peruvian legislation regarding forest animals is mainly contained in the Ley Forestal y de Fauna Silvestre N° , introduced in , which. Ley , Ley de Transparencia y Acceso a la Información Pública Wildlife Law Ley , Ley del Canon / Canon Law Ley , Ley Forestal y de Fauna .

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Failure to comply with the General Forest Management Plan. Finally, we note that a new Forestry law was passed in July 30but as of the time of writing it had not yet gone into effect due to delays in the adoption of the implementing regulations draft regulations were released in September It is worth noting that although the illegal extraction of mahogany does not seem to be a major problem in Loreto OSINFOR cited the illegal extraction of mahogany in just 5.

Forests and Wildlife Law 27308 (Peru)

Fieldwork and analysis of satellite imagery supports these findings. Timber extraction outside of the concession limits. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. PLoS One 5e Why policy reforms fail to improve logging practices: However, if the logging concessions are in lley facilitating illegal logging within protected areas and indigenous territories, this goal cannot be ely.

The extent and causes of illegal logging: Failure to present management plans within the established timeframe. Despite these efforts, it is increasingly clear that sustainable forestry has yet to be attained and illegal logging continues to plague the Peruvian Amazon 141516 Volume cedar documented in Balance of Extraction not from concession unit.


Specifically, logging permits based firestal falsified annual plans are widely used to harvest trees in unauthorized areas.

The Forestry Law also introduced a seemingly comprehensive regulatory framework designed to ensure that logged trees come from concessions and not surrounding ,ey or sensitive areas. Promote illegal timber extraction through a third party. We note that all of these violations were discovered in inspections done during or later—after entry into force of the US-Peru TPA.

Table 1 Status of logging concessions in the Peruvian Amazon. PLoS Leey 6e Allocating logging rights in Peruvian Amazonia–does it matter to be local? Open in a separate window.

Ley Nº 28852 – Ley de promoción de la inversión privada para la reforestación y agroforestería.

Tropical timber rush in Ely Amazonia: Regulations of Forest and Wildlife Law No. Please review our privacy policy. We grouped the logging concessions into four categories based on whether or not they have been supervised and the results of those supervisions Figure 1Table 1. However, the new Forestry Law forstal the same general logging concession system that is the subject of this study. In some cases, inspectors even found harvestable trees still standing at the coordinates indicated in the POA.

Another common problem was that the extracted trees documented in the Balance of Extraction were not actually extracted from the indicated fogestal. The Peruvian Amazon is an important arena in efforts to promote sustainable commercial logging due to its large forested area, high biodiversity, sizable concentrations of desired hardwoods such as mahogany and cedarand widespread problems with illegal logging 910 Ecohealth 4— These findings highlight the need for additional reforms.


Matt Finera, 1, 2 Clinton N. Moreover, this illegal timber extraction takes place using the very regulatory documents designed to ensure sustainable logging. Reconciling forest conservation and logging in Indonesian Borneo.

Decreto Legislativo Nº – Ley Forestal y de Fauna Silvestre.

Change 42— These data reflected conditions as of August 29, Corruption and illegal logging in Ghana. Illegal logging, collusive corruption and fragmented governments in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Timber extraction exceeding authorized volumes. Published online Apr Tree marked as cedar in the POA found to be another species. This reconciliation centers on the prospect of combining protected areas with forest logging concessions to better conserve forest across a larger area than possible by protected areas alone 28 This means that in practice the transport permits GTFs are not linked to the concession area in question.

PLoS Foresatl 8e Peru Forestal en Numeros Support Center Support Center. Bioscience 62— Once timber in transit has a GTF, it is very difficult for authorities to identify the original source of the timber. Received Jan 15; Accepted Mar Failure to pay harvesting rights within the established timeframe.

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