Das Rheingold. Music and Libretto by Richard Wagner. First Performance as a single opera. Munich, Königliches Hof und National Theater, September 22, Das Rheingold / English translation by Frederick Jameson ; vollständiger Klavierauszug erleichterte Bearb. von K. Klindworth. URL to cite or. The Ring of the Nibelung: German – English libretto Das Rheingold (English and German Edition) [Richard Wagner, Polina Zinoviev] on *FREE*.

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Wotan Ein gold’ner Ring ragt dir am Finger: Alberich with a horrible cry Ha! Wotan quietly Was like greed to Fricka unknown, when she for the building did beg? But twain hast thou wooed: We use cookies to improve the use of our website, our products and services, and confirm your login authorization or initial creation of account.

Fricka eilt freudig auf die Schwester zu.

Help from the hard ones! Wotan starting up with a sudden resolve Up, Loge! O come, lovely one, laugh thou with us!

He puts on the Tarnhelm again.

Back on the mountaintop, Wotan and Loge force Alberich to exchange his wealth for his freedom. Was’t thine own, then, which thou, rogue, from the Rhine’s deep waters hast reft? Loge expresses doubt and requests a demonstration. Deny it, trembler, thou canst not!

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Loge At thy command, swiftly we go: Sie tauchen tiefer herab und erkennen den Nibelung. Nay, look not on me! Retrieved 1 August In care but for thee, looked I around, and restlessly searched to the ends of the world: Loge I see now! To hollow liibretto height my whim drives me on; house and hearth delight me not.

Wagner Operas — The Operas — Das Rheingold

Fafner Schweig’ dein faules Schwatzen; Gewinn werben wir nicht: This to tell thee I promised the maidens: As its gold gave measureless might, let now its magic deal death to its lord! Er sucht sie zu umfassen. Alberich looks long and suspiciously at Wotan and Loge. At one side, on a flowery bank, lies Wotan with Fricka near him, both asleep.

Das Rheingold Libretto

Alberich transforms himself into a toad. Woglinde And least of all he, the languishing dwarf with love-desire wasting away.

During the first entr’acte, the Ring motif is transformed into the multipart and oft-reiterated “Valhalla” music — four intertwined motifs which represent the majesty of the gods and the extent of Wotan’s power. The giants advance to claim their reward. Enchanted by gold, the greed for gold shall enslave you! Loge Da, Vetter, sitze du fest! They dive deeper down and see the Nibelung.


At this Fafner demands the Ring, now on Wotan’s finger. Wellgunde dives down to the rock. Alberich Gefall’ ich dir nicht, dich fass’ ich doch fest! The sounds of Alberich’s scolding become fainter in the distance.

No sooner does Freia disappear than the gods begin to weaken and age. Much wrong he ever has wrought, yet aye again he ensnares thee. The Oxford Dictionary of Music.

Loge asks the Nibelung what would happen if someone stole the Ring while he slept. Obligingly, Alberich becomes a toad, whereupon Wotan traps him under his foot and Loge seizes the Tarnhelm. Wagner wrote the Ring librettos in reverse order, so that Das Rheingold was the last of the texts to be written; it was, however, the first to be set to music.

Donnergod of thunder, rheijgold Frohgod of sunshine, arrive to defend Freia, but Wotan cannot permit the use of force to break the agreement. Mime appears in the Thidriks sagaas a human smith rather than as an enslaved Nibelung. Doch du bei dem Wohnbau sann’st auf Wehr und Wall allein:

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