The mind-bending universe of horror master Thomas Ligotti awaits in another graphic adaptation of his haunting work. Enter a sphere where. The Nightmare Factory [Carroll & Graf] Books. Introduction: The Consolations of Horror, Thomas Ligotti, xi, Part 1: from Songs of a Dead. The Nightmare Factory is a comics anthology from Fox Atomic Comics adapting individual short stories by Thomas Ligotti. The second book in the series.

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Sep 24, Gabriel rated it it was amazing.

Feb 02, Darran Mclaughlin rated it really liked it Shelves: But first, let’s talk about those construction skills and writing chops. Paperbackpages. I eventually chose “The Bunglaow House” as our th episode and later featured “Drink to Me Only with Labyrinthine Eyes” – as our th episode part of an informal, month-long tribute to Ligotti’s influence on the genre and securing these stories unexpectedly led me into direct email contact with the man himself, which was a wonderful thing iirc, I was able to introduce him to the darkly sardonic hilarity of Brother Theodore!

It’s not you, guys, it’s me They can be slow-going but noneth The Nightmare Factory is not a collection but a labyrinth – a bio-synthetic organism that in the ligptti appears to be a smokestack, breathing onto the sky’s canvas its knowledge of unimaginable nightmares which take no form, and by the dawn you can see it was never actually there at all.

Apr 24, Matt rated it it was amazing Shelves: Stories with mannequins, innumerable shadows, unnamed towns, masks. You have always been one of us.

The Nightmare Factory

Very little seems to be known about Ligotti, but to judge from his stories, he is well traveled, has a superb command of setting and tone as well as of the English language, and is strongly biased toward the darker end of the fantasy spectrum. But do not let that deter you, if you’ve yet to discover Ligotti then this would be your 1 resource. Man, when I read this book I would literally get goosebumps sometimes, mostly from the first story “The Frolic.


In a way, Ligotti’s fiction nnightmare not as inscrutable as Aickman’s, but easily as enigmatic.

The Nightmare Factory – Wikipedia

It took me a few years to acquire the taste, but now I’m hooked. Ligotti – during an early morning at work last week. There’s been a lot of critical writing on Ligotti recently so I’m not going to delude myself that anything I say below hasn’t already been explicated by someone more academic or knowledgeable. He communicates a sense of how architecture and atmosphere affect psychology and his attention to details – in buildings, furniture, decor and dress – speak to a Decadent influence in his writings.

Brulpadda I have an ebook version if you’d like it.

The Nightmare Factory [Carroll & Graf] – THE NIGHTMARE NETWORK

View all 5 comments. If you’re a horror fan and you’ve never read this book, you should definitely check it out. I daresay Ligotti gives Clive Barker a run for his money. Great horror for those who prefer atmosphere and dread over character-driven plot. In the fashion of Lovecraft, who was a master of punishing readers with their own imagination in a good way Ligotti takes us on a chilling, rapid page turning thrill ride.

A simple story, and interesting to see a modern scenario such as this which strips away some of the usual archaic mystique. Ligotti is that writer. This new edition brings together his collected short stories with ‘Teatro Grottesco’, a sequence of new stories not published before.


Actually, it’s not me either. There’s a lyricism to his writing that I haven’t loved since reading The Picture of Dorian Gray, although I make no suggestion that there’s similarities. If you’re a non-genre reader, you may have heard of Ligotti through Penguin Books’ recent reprinting of his works in Songs of a Dead Dreamer and Grimscribe making him 1 of only 10 living writers Penguin has published in the US.

The Nightmare Factory Sees The Horror Behind The Harlequinade With Thomas Ligotti

See 1 question about The Nightmare Factory…. No reader can claim to love every morsel of output of their given favourite author, and it’s no different for me with Ligotti, but a vast portion of his work, even the pieces that are and will most likely remain a puzzle to me, still amaze me to the point of madness. View nightnare 6 comments. I found the ending to this one choppy and unsatisfying.

In terms of construction, many of his stories are like elaborate, oblique Chinese boxes and story elements often reoccur without any clumsy indications that he is “world building” or creating a “Ligottiverse” – for example, elements of “The Bungalow House” are reflected in “Gas Station Carnivals” and “Teatro Grottesco”.

View all posts by joetbp. And so, here we are again View all 14 comments. I want description to gently prod me to the edge, then, imagination full, I topple headfirst into the nightmare or fantasy, or whatever suits the genre.

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