Axiomas de Zurique, Os [Max Gunther] on Neste livro, o autor apresenta as regras e princípios infalíveis que esses banqueiros estabeleceram . Compre o livro The Zurich Axioms: The Rules of Risk and Reward Used by Os axiomas de Zurique . Antes de começar a investir em ações leia este livro. Listen to a free sample or buy Os axiomas de Zurique [The Axioms of Zurich] ( Unabridged) by Max Gunther on iTunes on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac .

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The topic for discussion was always the currently available investment opportunities — or speculative opportunities, as they would have put it themselves. He cites earth quakes, terrorist attacks, financial collapse to prove that point, but these events are indeed extremely rare.

He dismisses long term planning, listening to the crowd although multiple studies prove the wisdom of zuriique crowd over the individual, disregarding bubble effectsdollar cost averaging, forecasts, intuition, patterns, but offers no alternative. The Zurich Axioms are about calculated and intelligent risk taking in all straights of life.

Gunther dismisses technical zyrique as pointless staring at random patterns, he thinks markets are entirely random and unpredictable bordering playing the lottery. I read this book again. It was worth the read for those few axioms, but not entirely motivational or life-altering.

Resist the allure of diversification. He then served as a contributing editor of Time for two years.


The Zurich Axioms

It’s no gospel, but it is subversive and so, me like. It can be enjoyed, provided it is kept in its place. I can say I’m glad I read it before starting out as an investor.

Oct 13, A. What at first held my attention in a vice grip, slowly slackened as I progressed through this book. The Sixth Major Zuriqud I know I have. Rastreie seus pedidos recentes. I suggest you read the chapters axioms that sound interesting livr you. After the reader is convinced about unpredictability of the market with ever present danger of losing all investment money he is left with no counterpoint. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

One minor remark is that it could have been 50 pages shorter with the same content. Never confuse a hunch with a hope.

The Zurich Axioms by Max Gunther

The Zurich Axioms also comes with a quite fascinating background story. Axiommas ser sincero eu esperava mais. To make any gains in life something — money, time, love etc. I bought this book on the recommendation of Larry Williams, who claimed it was one of the few best books he’d ever read on investing. While it is an entertaining read, if someone is looking for truly useful advice, I would recommend “The Coffeehouse Investor” or “Millionaire Teacher”.

If astrology worked, all astrologers would be rich. A few interesting points, but could be better Beware the Gambler’s Fallacy. Livro essencial para qualquer investidor.

Remember, experience is your best teacher. Always play for meaningful stakes. Several of the Axioms fly right in the face of the traditional wisdom of the investment advice business – yet the enterprising Swiss speculators who devised them became rich, while many investors who follow aaxiomas conventional path do not.


Os axiomas de Zurique [The Axioms of Zurich] (Unabridged) by Max Gunther on iTunes

If you are not worried, you are not risking enough. Aug 30, Harish Puvvula rated it liked it. Feb 17, Manan rated it really liked it. The axioms advocate taking large stakes zuriqie a few meaningful opportunities at the time, zuriqhe set targets for when to take profit and to immediately get out if a position is turning sour — and never try to average down or get in again on a loosing position.

Capa comum Compra verificada. Apr 09, Joshua Zhang rated it liked it. A book based on a flimsy premise and hence, appealing to the masses. No estilo de ‘O Lobo de Wall Street’.

Os axiomas de Zurique [The Axioms of Zurich] (Unabridged)

It might just be me, but I surely hope this axiom is a bit dated. If one aims to be more livgo an “investor”, I suggest “The Perfect Speculator”. Aug 20, Zeca rated it it was ok. Never follow speculative fads.

For anyone starting Of course, everyone wants to get rich. Visualizar ou modificar seus pedidos em sua conta.

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