My 60 Memorable Games by Bobby Fischer Logical Chess Move By Move by Irving Chernev The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal by Mikhail Tal Bobby Fischer. It seems that Nunn (who is undoubtedly a stronger player than Chernev was) is correct in his criticisms of certain instances of analysis in. All 33 games from Irving Chernev’s book Logical Chess: Move By Move (Every Move Explained), Faber & Faber ; New Algebraic Edition B.T. Batsford, .

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No trivia or quizzes yet. Anyway, I found the teaching style very appealing and have learnt a lot. This is fantastic chess book.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Chernev’s book, I just prefer to solve puzzles to learn tactics. The only downside to this book is that nearly every oogical ends in a tactical checkmate with many pieces still on the board.

Players with attractive female avatars ThrillerFan 8 min ago.

PuttingFromTheRough 21 min ago. You may want to consider one of these in addition to “Logical Chess”. So basically his advice boils down to “make the right move at the right time. Look for used copies of either one at amazon, I just did which is how I know which one is cheaper. Nevertheless, I’ve found my rating rise from somewhere around to just over in the reading of these pages. It really is a good book with fun games. Common terms and phrases a b c d e a b c d e g h AAA a b c d e AAA a b c d e f g h AAA a b c d e g h abode g h advance back rank Black plays Black wins Black’s king c-file c8-bishop Capablanca capture castling chess Colle System cxd4 cxd5 d-pawn dark squares defence develops a piece dxc5 e4-square enemy exd5 fianchetto forces Giuoco Piano guard i i i isolated pawn king’s kingside attack kingside pawns open file passed pawn pawn move pawn position player posi pressure prevents White protects Queen’s Gambit Queen’s Gambit Declined queen’s pawn openings queenside recapture reply retreat rook rook’s Ruy Lopez seventh rank tack Tarrasch text-move tion velopment weakened White plays White wins White’s centre White’s knight White’s pawn White’s pieces White’s queen wins a pawn wins a piece wins the exchange.


Magnus Carlsen–did he use cheat codes at world championship? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Logical Chess Move By Move: Every Move Explained New Algebraic Edition by Irving Chernev

However, to find the winning way is far from trivial. Dec 14, Reinhold rated it it was amazing Shelves: Grandmasters like Tal study the games of other strong players everyday.

The Best Books of One reading will not suffice for mastery! In some situations a pawn in front of castled king gets moved and he’s like “what a terrible move, don’t violate the king’s safety! Many readers prefer to use a mlve regulation board as the first board, and a much smaller pocket-sized portable set as the second board.

In this much loved classic, Irving Chernev explains 33 complete games in detail, telling the reader the reason for every single move. All were quite good. Also, it was a little tedious to read thru the openings of the games and have the author tell you the same things over and over. For me this filled the gap between the Masters’ books that i do not understand talking about positions 6 moves down the line, mlve beginners’ books that tell you how the knight moves.

Because there are few books aimed at beginners, but which will still entertain you as you get stronger. I had truly written this book off as: OTOH he does hammer home some good points for beginners. Develop your pieces, don’t let them sit on the back rank.

Logical Chess: Move by Move – Irving Chernev – Google Books

I read Logical Chess prior to these tactics books and did not see such tactical improvements in my game. Chess can be a pleasant diversion, a powerful device for education, or an impressive display of mental ability.

If you were to try and take every word in Chernev’s book as gospel for the rest of your chess career, you would indeed be leading yourself astray. Moove solve the puzzles, consider all the possible forcing moves: Besides, I will not take Nunn’s ideas at face value because he has a similar book published and I have never heard a competitor review the competitive product amicably.


Logical Chess : Move By Move : Every Move Explained

One’s playing ability and understanding must approach the same level as the book is written for. For me, puzzle books had the best return on investment as far as rating improvement.

It is a bit like telling a kindergartener that you cannot divide 5 by 2. Illustrates effective middle-game plans. While they may not be for all those who end up being grandmasters like Nunn, I think they are worthwhile to thousands like me who have continued learning this game because of their influence.

That doesn’t mean that that kind of advice doesn’t serve a useful purpose by giving newcomers to the game some first, rough guidelines to start learning from. This only developed after I read a couple tactics books and spent a lot of time on chess tempo.

Not technical – but not condescending either.

Jan 26, 6. Dad beat me every game we played from 6 years old to the ninth grade. The second board serves as the “jumping off” point to look at other possibilities. Logical Chess Move by Move: However, I take more chdrnev in reading books like Chernev.

Logical Chess?

Yeah I think we know that Chernev didn’t have a quad core i7 running Yb, the primary importance of the book is not deep analysis of the games and variations but to help you learn general principles, ideas and motifs to the beginning and intermediate player in which the book succeeds. I would remove all the chess and add dancing in its place.

Mar 05, Alex Vasai rated it it was amazing. Popular Batsford chess books. I know all the chess players here have already written love letters to this book, but I could not let that stop me from writing mine.

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