Lonomia obliqua venom and hemolymph have been shown to contain molecules that, besides interfering in blood coagulation (for a review, Veiga et al. ). Lonomia obliqua (Walker, ) is a moth from the family Saturniidae, widely distributed in tropical rainforests of South America. In its larval stage (caterpillar) it . Rev Assoc Med Bras (). May-Jun;61(3) doi: / Lonomia obliqua Walker (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae): hemostasis .

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Lonomia obliqua Walker (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae): hemostasis implications.

You have entered an invalid code. Specific laboratory tests for diagnosis of poisoning have not been described previously. This reaction occurs only when the mitochondrial reductase enzymes are active in living cells; thus, the conversion of MTT to formazam crystals is used to determine viable cells. Some of the toxin components also result in direct toxicity to endothelium and tubular cells. In vivo effects and molecular aspects associated with the hemorrhagic syndrome”.

Enterovirus 71 virus-like particle vaccine: We express special thanks to Dr.

Obliqja using diversity taxobox Articles with ‘species’ microformats. Doctors were mystified when scores of patients came in with obliqja same symptoms. This anti-clotting agent would attach to another protein of the body’s cells and cause them to leak as blood is unable to clot. Previous studies showed that Lopap, a protein purified from the venom of L. Many active principles produced by animals, plants and microorganisms have been employed in the development of new drugs for the treatment of human diseases.


Latest Most Read Most Cited Screening questions for the diagnosis of restless legs syndrome in hemodialysis. Thank you for submitting a ob,iqua on this article. She was eupneic and afebrile. Despite an improvement in symptoms, the haematocrit initially continued to fall Effect of the antiapoptotic protein on the viability of quiescent UMG cells.

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Lonomia obliqua – Wikipedia tiếng Việt

Zarbin; Carla Tedesco December Four days before, she had started to present hematuria. Furthermore, new tumor cell lines with different mutations in cell proliferation pathways should be tested as well as the use of primary cultures of normal cells in order to verify the occurrence of the same effects observed in cells previously studied.

In view of the effects that L. Production of recombinant protein therapeutics in cultivated mammalian cells. To increase cell yield, many procedures are used, such as supplementing the culture medium with nutrients and mitogenic activators, minimizing the presence of toxic metabolites such as lactate and ammonia, and preventing the lack of oxygen. The findings of blood tests on arrival ,onomia Hb 9.

Briefly, the caterpillars were placed in Petri dishes on ice. After 24 h of treatment, the cell medium was analyzed by the Griess method. The present study shows that L.

In fact, this did not occur in the negative control cells that showed a higher concentration of NO along with lonomiz arrest in cell progression induced by quiescence. Not least, a molecule present lonoia the venom that can be isolated to act as an adjuvant to increase the viability and proliferation of certain cell cultures, developing strategies for improving production of viral systems, protein expression, antibody production, among others, have a strong impact on the biotechnology industry.


[Accidents with caterpillar Lonomia obliqua (Walker, ). An emerging problem].

To verify if the venom induced an increase in the number of viable cells even in the absence of growth factors and other components present in serum, cells were first grown in quiescent conditions and then treated with 0. While there are obliiqua than a dozen species in the genus, the most troublesome species is Lonomia obliquaand it is this species on which most of the medical research has centered.

Considering that the lonpmia extract is composed of numerous active compounds, other signaling pathways may be activated or be able to interact with the venom. Higher concentrations of NO tend to be cytostatic and cytotoxic to tumor cells, while lower concentrations tend to increase tumor growth Jadeski et al. The histology is lonomja characterized owing to the coagulopathy-preventing biopsies in the acute phase of the illness.

Urine microscopy showed 25 non-fragmented red cells per high-power field. Lonomia WalkerSpecies See text Diversity 14 species.

Of olbiqua 26 species of the genus Lonomia found on the American continent, only Lonomia obliqua and Lonomia achelous have caused severe reactions, leading to hemorrhagic syndrome. Treatment of multiple myeloma with renal involvement:

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