En esta entrada os contamos nuestra experiencia haciendo psicobloc en Mallorca; cómo hacer psicobloc, dónde hacer psicobloc en Mallorca, cuales son los. The deep water soloing (known locally as Psicobloc) is well developed and excellen. DWS or Psicobloc in Mallorca. Featured in. The place was Porto Pi and this became Mallorca’s first bouldering venue. Miquel continued his obsession with Psicobloc by opening new.

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I’ll tell you all about messing up at the top out. Cala Barques; Photo by Daimon Beail.

Climbing and deep water soloing/Psicobloc Mallorca

Plus, it is very hard to get hung up on grades in Mallorca. All levels can be combined at the same area: The winter will see the return of the climbers to the hotter east coast and south west areas. Posted by Zofia Reych on Wednesday, October 25, It is strongly frowned upon by the local council. It holds a number of lines which for some may be a little on the high side except for the far left of the cliff where the height is reduced.

A small number of overhanging routes are available to keep the daring happy. At the other end of the scale and luckily within close proximity is the virgin area. I also fell upper back first hands slipped, heel stayed from about 20 feet.

It is without any d Perfect for beginners as well as for experimented climbers, we combine areas for all levels, and if you need a rest we can take you to the closest beach.

A huge draw to the visiting rock climber is the variety of routes on offer, sheer slab walls, steep overhanging roofs, juggy tufas and cracks on pristine limestone.

Toes pointed, legs close together, arms alongside the body or crossed on the chest.

Mallorca DWS Climbing Guide for Newbies

Safety The biggest safety tip psidobloc to get into this sport slowly. Traversing the stalactites and tufas under the main cave is great fun in itself. Generally visited by those climbing in the 7s and 8s but also offering additional lower-grade lines to enjoy. Make sure you know the exit area from the sea. Taking a plunge was a consequence of not checking for top out jugs. Also it takes a while to feel comfortable with the falls.


This included a slightly enhanced version of the film ‘Psicobloc’ now renamed ‘Psicobloc Part 1’ and also a new film called ‘Psicobloc Part 2’, which documents some of Chris Sharma’s first visit to the island in There are already a large number of DWS Deep Water Soloing spots published in Mallorca and it is really difficult to discover something better than we already know nowadays.

This allows all of the crags to be visited from wherever you end up staying. You end up way to involved with the rock and the water psicoloc care about numbers. With an on sight flash of ‘Loskot and Two Smoking Barrels’ under his belt, he began to put up more and more challenging lines at the top end of the grade spectrum. For deep water soloing June-November when the sea is warm. To book a DWS trip with Rockbusters, click here. To the right of the main wall and more in the Bay area are five more lines.

There are plenty of cheep hotels and apartments available on the East coast. Port De Soller The area of Port De Soller still remains an exclusive venue for the connoisseur soloer staying in the area. After the first ,allorca down you spend the rest of the psicoloc climbing in wet shoes. Josh Lowell released a collection of short films under the banner Dosage Vol 2 in Offering a unique selection of caves and overhanging walls with the added attraction of the fearsome Tarantino wall to increase your adrenaline level!

Chris made some dramatic progress the following month by catching the dyno and exiting on the seaward side of the arch. Most serious incidents have involved people getting into difficulty trying to exit the water. Lose the flipflops and take some decent approach shoes. Utilizamos cookies para asegurar que damos la mejor experiencia al usuario en nuestra web.


Rockfax seems to be the most comprehensive guidebook to both Mallorcan DWS and sport climbing. Around the same time ma,lorca Riera and his mates were developing the first DWS routes in Mallorca, British climbers realised that some of the trad lines on the Dorset sea cliffs could be safely soloed above deep water. Contact Sam and Justin: Deep water soloing psiobloc a long tradition not only in Mallorca, but all over the world.

Advanced sport climbers confident in their swimming should test their skills and head game malloca the infamous Cova Del Diablo in Porto Cristo. Go left to right, or right to left, depending on your mood. It is also the first time all the soloing areas are in psicobpoc book together with all of Mallorca’s sport climbing crags.

Cala Brafia Brafia holds almost 20 new lines with comfortable heights of 10m to 13m. Climbing Destination Le Boffi. We have found some great venues not in any guidebooks suitable for giving it a go.

Lots of sun tan lotion and a good friend to keep topped up.

Chris Sharma completed the right hand finish to the line that climbed underside of the Es Pontas arch, and rumours spread of a magical ‘9b’ being associated with its difficulty. Psicolboc much like V1 indoor boulder problem.

Mallorca – 8 New Crags to Discover. The edition of the Mallorca guidebook contains full sport climbing and deep water soloing information to the island of Mallorca.

Simon Richardson and Roger Webb. Still, to say that climbers started flocking to Mallorca from far and wide would be an overstatement. A dual format grading system is used.

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